Our club has had a magazine since January 1938 as a way of giving members information about events and rides. Over the years it has expanded to include local ride reports, tour write ups, quiz items, reviews and even jokes.. some of them quite good.
The name remains the same as when it started – the Awheel magazine, although from 1941 to 1945 the “Exiles Gazette” was produced and this was sent to members serving overseas as well as those at home.

Here’s some issues from our archive. More will be added in the future. These all open as pdf files, how you see them will vary slightly depending on which browser you’re using.

February 1938

1941 First Gazette





Final Gazette

Also included in the archive from WWII, there’s a 1942 “Stay at Home” Holidays Program.  The Derby District Association CTC Sunday rides are listed,  from the distances newcomers would probably think it was anything but a holiday!
Stay at Home Holidays

The last item from the war years is a 1944 CTC Comfort Funds Letter. A nice gift in Egypt.

Production methods have moved with the times. In early years it was done at home using a Roneo duplicator. Each page was typed on a “skin” then this was put into the machine which was wound round to print the pages. You may spot that sometimes the ink was a bit thin in places.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s George Clapton spent all day photocopying using the machine at Mercian Cycles, then putting pages for each copy in order before stapling. A thankless task. Nowadays it is printed at Derby University, resulting in a colourful and smart looking magazine. You can subscribe for future issues, details HERE

January 1956

January 1960

January 1965

January 1970

January 1975

August 1980

May 1985

May 1991

We have the majority of the issues from 1955 to the current date together with the Exile Gazettes and issue number 2 from 1938. If you come across any old issues please let us know.